The Awakened One Poetics

Joseph Spence advises us to touch the Buddha inside us, Follow the Dharma, bring to light true love bury the drums of warfare. T. S. Eliot also in his The Waste Land (1922) reveals the impact of Buddhism Datta, dayadhvam, damyata(Give, sympathise, control). Dantescan light prevails around Joseph luminous and visionary book celebrating Buddhist enlightenment. Joseph Spence has created a convincing Haiku world in which our search for moral pivot can take place. His haiku’s are a testimony to the fact that as a haiku poet his place is secure and permanent by virtue of his message, delicacy, a crystalline charm, and his dignified utterance.

Sincerely Speaking Spiritually

Sincerely Speaking Spiritually is an inspirational and uplifting spiritual text for your reading, uplifting, and meditating on God words. It shows principles to solve problems, and living a righteous life. It will open doors of God inspirational grace for you with His revelation
for a Breakthrough in your life. 

A Trilogy of Poetry Prose & Thoughts for The Mind, Body and Soul

Trilogy is an exciting experience into the diverse blending of poetry, prose, and thoughts. It raises one’s level of consciousness to that of enjoyment and instills a peaceful quality of mind for relaxation. Enjoy this masterpiece at your favorite place, with your favorite drink, as your mind explodes with the fascination of Trilogy. The wonderful experience of Trilogy shows how a family working together is able to blend and intertwine their collective ideas and thoughts. Such
diversity has produced this exceptional work of art for the mind and body that is soothing to the soul. The glorious home going of Joseph mother was the motivational springboard for Trilogy, which triggered his healing from her loss was to write. He wrote during every spare moment. The spark ignited the passion within Sheila and Jonathan, and they followed his lead. As a result, this fascinating masterpiece is in your hands. Enjoy your reading and recitals as you experience the sensational journey of Trilogy!

A Trilogy of Poetry Prose & Thoughts for The Mind, Body and Soul

Trilogy Moments for the Mind, Body, and Soul is a unique poetic blend of spirituality, tranquility, and self-awareness in life’s journey for the reader to experience. The new form of Epulaeryu poetry, introduces a new level of poetry that tantalizes the taste buds with home
cooking to exotic dishes. The poetic forms reflecting on love, family relationships, romance, world travels, the seasons, prayers, spirituality, and inspirational thoughts take the reader to a new height of experience in poetry. This combination of poetic talents by the authors has something for readers of all ages in a diversity of cultures.

A Trilogy of Poetry Prose & Thoughts for The Mind, Body and Soul

His Excellency: Arkansas, USA, Goodwill Ambassador, Professor, Dr. Joseph S. Spence Sr, is the prolific author of over 200 published peer-reviewed articles and ten poetry books. He is an intellectual educator, professional world-wide award-winning poet, and a creative reviewer of over 50-books posted in multilingual pedagogic mediums. He is the recipient of over fifty world- wide poetry awards and various honorary doctorate degrees from various international poetry organizations. He currently serves as the chief advisor for the World Institute of English Literature in India and the global chair for the World Global Poetry Society also in India.

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