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Joseph S. Spence Sr

His Excellency, Ambassador, Professor, Commissioner, Dr. Joseph S. Spence Sr, USA, (Epulaeryu Master), is a prolific author and co-author of ten inspirational poetry books. In addition, he is an intellectual educator, worldwide award-winning poet, and creative reviewer of over 50-books posted in multilingual pedagogic mediums. He is a recipient of worldwide accolades, resides in Wisconsin, provides advocacy to many, and assists worldwide humanity with their poetry and publications. He authored over 200 scholarly peer-reviewed articles in various genres, with over 200,000 inquiries on this link: https://ezinearticles.com/expert/Joseph_Spence,_Sr./194051. His first book, “A Trilogy of Poetry, Prose, and Thoughts for the Mind, Body, and Soul,” was a best-seller. His second, “Trilogy Moments for the Mind, Body, and Soul,” won the Best Christian Poetry Award. His third, “The Awakened One Poetics,” won 2nd place in Critters Writers Workshop Best Author’s Pool and the publisher’s best-seller, and his tenth is “Sincerely Speaking Spiritually.” He received many military awards for his honorable career as a field-grade commander. His military comrades named “Apollo,” the Greek mythical God of poetry and music, for his poetry writing skills and recitals. He has traveled the world and inspired humanity with his electrifying poetry. His poems are published in fourteen languages, and he speaks and translates in four languages. He donated one hundred percent of the royalty from five books he published with the Worldwide Poetry Alliance, UK, where he served as the co-founder and poetry chaplain. The book’s royalties were donated to charity to assist 911 first responders with medical care, who helped the injured in the terrorist’s aircraft attacks on the World Trade Center and Military Pentagon. He also co-authored the “World’s Biggest Poetry Anthology: Songs of Peace,” published in March 2020. He retired from the US Army as a decorated field-grade commander. 

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International Family Poetry Anthology

This elegant poetry book is very inspirational and uplifting to the mind, body, and soul. Twenty-four internationally acclaimed and inspiring authors and poets worldwide combined their poetic talents to enhance the captivating and artistic verses on the pages with originality and creativity for humanity. These enlivening and imaginative verses of simulation are poignant and stem from various beautiful and enhanced settings worldwide. The distinctive qualify of elegance and moving styles of poetry included on the pages are touching, memorable, and uplifting. They stem from the unique styles of eagle-eyed poets who meticulously observe the more finite details of their natural surroundings and illustrate their innermost thoughts for the enjoyment of others to read with a smiling face. 

One will find the following forms and styles of fluency in the most persuasive and influential language form of speech and written in dialect with highly expressive intonation, rhythm, and the like from these extraordinary poets. They are in various poetic forms such as: haiku, senryu, narrative, freeform, intermittent rhyming sequence, existentialism, visualization, acrostic, and others. Additionally, get your appetite ready to eat because the lines will bring saliva to your mouth from the international cuisines and delicacies on the pages. The dispersive lexicons of English literature are dynamic and reflect various essence of styles usage. One will note the following: symbolism, dynamic imagery, descriptive excellence, analogy, couplet (a two-lined stanza), tercet (three lines), quatrain series (four lines in the stanza), quintain (a group of five lines), sestet (a group of six lines), emphasis, hyperbole, metaphor, narrative, end rhymes, simile, symbolism, synonym, uniformity, active verbs, variations of tense, analogy, and internal rhymes to give spice and flavor to the poetic words. Please don’t hesitate to grab a copy of this “International Poetry Anthology” because they fly off the shelves as soon a customer approaches!

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“Wow, how exciting! These poems are more than just soothing words for the soul.”


Pauline Nisbeth

Executive Assistant, Amtrak, Washington, D.C.

“I really enjoyed reading the poems and found them uplifting, entertaining and motivating.”


Tremaine Wright

Owner & President, Common Grounds Coffee Shop, Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, New York.

“These poems are very insightful and so descriptive; they create a picture in your mind of the
character in each poem.”


Linda Jackson Conyers

Milwaukee Times Newspaper, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

“This is a great work of artistic talents. These enchanting poems and melodious verses show a
great wealth of knowledge for the world to read and enjoy.”


Francis Brock Starms

Ph.D. Educator and acclaimed poet, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“One simply has to savor the simple truths that are embodiment of these so well coined words. So get a nice warm mug of tea and some cookies and snuggle up for some good food of


Tricia Spence, Broadcaster

“De Wildchild,” RJR 94FM, Jamaica

“These words and poetic verses are extremely interesting concepts and emulating thoughts. They
are well worth the uplifting reading. They will definitely leave you thinking gracious ideas.”


Robert Garraway

Director Garraway Hotel, Commonwealth of Dominica

“Relevant poetry and prose for easy reading and relaxation of the mind. A must read!”


Patricia O'Flynn-Pattillo,

Publisher, Milwaukee Community Journal Newspaper.

“A thrill ride of twists and turns…. Entices your thoughts. Charming!”


Daulton Dicks

President, Blo-Out Records, Charlotte, North Carolina.

“A truly wonderful collection! An inspiration to all of us.”


Victor Fields

Artist & President, Regina Records, Oakland, California.
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